Calamari Snaps

Dehydrated strips of squid

High protein, hypoallergenic treats

Available in a 100g bag


One Ingredient Calamari Snaps are a tasty and healthy treat for your dog. Squid is high in protein, lower in fat than many other fish treats, and contains high levels of zinc which is good for your pet’s immune system! Squid also has a moderate amount of Omega-3’s which are good for their skin and coat health, as well as brain function.

One Ingredient Calamari Snaps are a hypoallergenic option that is a great choice for pets who have sensitivities to meats or fish.

Give your pup a strip as a high-value reward, or break them into smaller pieces for training or topping their food. You’ll love them for training because they won’t break apart and leave a mess in the bottom of your pocket or treat pouch.

Ingredients: Squid


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